1. Introduction
AZLAANS is an online store and Limited Liability Company, registered in the United States.
AZLAANS reserves the right of final decision and interpretation of the Terms and
Conditions. AZLAANS also reserves the right to make changes to these Terms & Conditions.
1.1   Definition in these Term  Conditions (T&C)
“We”, “Us”, “Our” and “The Company” all mean “AZLAANS”
“You”, “Customer” and “Buyer” all mean who makes the purchase on our website
“Goods”, “Product” and “Item” all mean things you see and are able to purchase on our website
“Account” means the user’s registration on AZLAANS
“Business day” and “Working day” mean the days from Monday to Friday but exclude any US public
“Handling time” means the order processing time, from the moment AZLAANS receives your order, till
the order has been picked up by the courier
“Delivery time” means the time needed from the moment an order ship from our warehouse, to the
time a delivery is made.
Eligibility to Buy
AZLAANS only accepts customers aged 18 years or above to place an order. Those who are under
18, can only place an order with the involvement of a parent or guardian.
2. Payment and Price
2.1 Currency
We provide the option for payment in different currencies (USD/GBP/SGD/AUD) to our customers from
different countries.
** If your selected currency is different from the credit card you use for payment, you may be required
to settle an additional charge due to exchange rate charged by your card issuer or
bank. AZLAANS has neither control on these charges nor is liable for any extra charges.
2.2 Payment Method
Customers can use PayPal to settle the payment of an order.
2.3 Pricing Error
We work closely and monitor the pricing daily. However, in the unforeseen circumstance, that product
pricing is incorrect; AZLAANS reserves the right to cancel and not to fulfil an order.
2.4 Price

The price you can see on the website is the final price for the product. Additional shipping fees can be
applied if your order solely consists of items with low value, for example, accessories, including but not
limited to: screen protectors, cables, mobile phone cases.