5.1 Return Policy
AZLAANS offers a 14 Days Return Policy for all customers upon delivery of the shipment. In some
cases, there could administrative fees and restocking fees applicable on return orders. AZLAANS is
also not liable for any loss or damage to return shipments in transit.
**Due to health and hygiene issues, personal and health care products (i.e. shavers, facial massagers
etc.), headphones and earphones are not covered by our 14 Days Return Policy.
5.2 Requests for a Return
Return requests can only be submitted on the page of “RMA (Return Material Arrangement)”. We don’t
accept any other methods to request a return.
5.3 Conditions for a Return
– The item is bought from AZLAANS.
– You have submitted the return request (RMA ticket) within 14 calendar days of receiving the item.
– You have received our authorization for your request.
– The item is returned with a copy of your receipt/invoice.
– The item is returned with the original packaging and in the condition as how you received it (including
all accessories, all materials, price taps, free gift etc.)
– The item is returned within 14 calendar days after the request is authorized.
5.4 Refund
Upon receiving your returned parcel, our Technical Team will conduct an inspection process. Once this
has been completed, AZLAANS will issue a refund, within 14 business days. Any refund will be made
to the selected payment method used to place the order.
6. Warranty
12 Months Warranty service is provided by AZLAANS In-House Technical Team. All products bought
from AZLAANS are not covered by manufacturer’s warranty.
6.1 Register warranty
All orders are automatically registered for AZLAANS In-Hosue warranty, with the valid warranty claim
the date is shown on the invoice.
6.2  AZLAANS Warranty Covers
12-months parts and labour costs for the repair of:
– Manufacturer’s defects or faults in production, which lead to product malfunctioning.
– Faults in the material of the product, which lead to product malfunctioning.
1-month parts and labour costs for the repair of a fault in the material of Rechargeable Batteries.

6.3 Exclusions to Warranty Terms
“1-month” warranty for camera accessories, mobile and tablet accessories, computer accessories,
games, gaming controllers, audio cables, card readers
“6 months” warranty for waterproof cases and flash remotes
“Not Covered Categories” include:
– Consumable goods (such as Batteries, Instax camera films)
-Product which is not electronic or items which do not consume electricity (e.g. Bags, Lens Hoods,
and audio accessories “Except audio cables which come with a 1-month warranty”)
-Network Carrier Issues (e.g. SIM Card, availability, coverage, service, range) of mobile phones and
-Any issues caused by the firmware or software, modification to operating systems, rooted or jailbroken
phones or tablets
-Gadgets accessories
-Accessories in the box
AZLAANS also points out which situations are not covered in these warranty terms.
Please refer to the “Warranty” page for details.
6.4 Special Note for the Warranty of Specific Categories
Below categories have special warranty terms. For details, please refer to the “Warranty” page.
– 3 rd  Party lenses (Sigma, Tamron, Tokina etc.)
– Waterproof Cameras/ Casings / Bags
– Waterproof Cases
– Waterproof Mobile Phones
– Remote Controllable Toys
AZLAANS will not be held liable for any defect on- or damage to any other item(s) used in conjunction.
6.7 Submit a Warranty Claim
Application for warranty service must be submitted through the “RMA (Return Material Arrangement)”
Some information may be required when you apply for a warranty claim case:
– Your order id to validate the warranty period of your item.
– IMEI or Serial number if any
– Detailed description of your issues, plus images or videos showing the defective reasons for us to
better understand your case.
6.8 Liability of Warranty
AZLAANS shall not be liable to:
– Postage fees of items sent back to our warehouse. AZLAANS only bears the shipping fees for
sending an item back to you, plus the parts and labour costs under the Warranty’s Terms and
– Any data and information loss and corrupted files during the repair process
– Any changes in settings or the system (firmware/software update) during the repair process
– Any delays due to non-controllable factors (parts of element shortages, bad weather, and shipping
carrier delays etc.)
7. Products
7.1 Items Condition
We only sell items in Brand New condition and all of our products are 100% genuine.
7.2 Packaging
Our stock is sourced globally and hence products will come with packaging which might differ from
your local products’ version. The differences could possibly include but not be limited to different
languages show on the box; different languages in the manual and/or user guide (if any), and a
different county’s standard plug for charging. We ensure all items operate in the English language and
the functionality will be the same as a product being purchased locally. We shall also include a travel
adapter if necessary.
7.3 Bulk Package (White Box Lens)
In some circumstances, camera lenses could be listed on our website for purchase with a white box for
packaging (in these cases, the product name will clearly mention this). This means the lens has been
taken from a camera kit set package. It is brand new and normally would be called either a bulk package
or white box. There are no functional differences with the lenses in the original packaging.
7.4 LTE/3G Frequency Bands on mobiles, tablets and other drives
All Frequency Bands are shown on our product’s page if it is applicable to the device, customers have
the responsibility to check with their network carriers or providers to make sure that the device they are
going to purchase can be operated normally their selected carrier or provider. Any network-related
issues are not subject to a full refund under our 14 Days Return Policy.
7.5 Inspection of Products
We would like to ensure that all items are delivered to you in perfect quality. From time to
time, AZLAANS will have random checks and testing when new stock arrives at our warehouse from
our suppliers. The purpose of this action is to minimize dead on arrival (DOA) and defective cases. As
a result, goods may not be sealed due to random inspection.
8. Customs and Import duty
All items purchased on AZLAANS come without additional fees upon delivery. The order price shown
on the Checkout page is final.
When you are purchasing with AZLAANS, it means you authorize us to make arrangements for
clearance of customs on your behalf for the products in your order.

9. Personal Data
We provide appropriate and reasonable security protection for your personal information and data. We
never sell, distribute or lease your Personal Information to any third parties.

10. Governing Law
By visiting and purchasing from the AZLAANS website, you agree with these Terms and Conditions.
All Terms shall be governed and construed in accordance with US Law.

11. Losses and Limitation of Liability
AZLAANS liability in contract, tort or otherwise arising out of the subject matter of the contract shall not
exceed the total value of the goods delivered under the terms.
AZLAANS will be responsible for any losses you suffer as a result of us breaching these conditions, if
the losses were reasonably foreseeable to both you and us when you commenced using the website,
or a contract for the sale of goods by us to you was formed. We will not be responsible for any
business losses (including a loss in profits, revenue, contracts, anticipated savings, data, goodwill or
wasted expenditure) or any other indirect or consequential loss that is not reasonably foreseeable to
either you or us when you commenced using the website or when a contract for the sale of goods by
we to you was formed.

12. Waiver
If you breach these conditions and we take no action, we will still be entitled to exercise our rights and
remedies in any other situation where you breach these conditions.